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Uruguay, the great unknown

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay is a country located in southeastern South America. The country, with an area of more than 176,000 km ², is the second smallest continent after Suriname and bounded on the north and northeast Brazil and the west by Argentina. On the south coast is on the Rio de la Plata, which separates it from the province of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires, and the Southeast, has coastlines on the Atlantic Ocean.
This is what Wikipedia says. The reality: Uruguay is a tiny piece of land next to two countries that five times the size of Europe as well as being vastly depopulated - a part of the capital Montevideo, so that seems to be forsaken of God.
In many ways, reminded us of Ireland: The interior tour of empty roads and between km and miles of plains in which only a few cows and sheep appear from time to time. Its coastline is beautiful, full of lovely beaches but safe construction of the maelstrom that has been under, say an example, the Spanish coast.
Uruguay has far exceeded our expectations, although not known, is an ideal place for a relaxing holiday, with warm weather without being scorching, and a lot of things to do in your spare time. Cheap, and food, although with much Spanish influence, not bad.
However, what we liked most of the country were the Uruguayans, and that where we were treated us with sympathy and kindness that was a pleasure. Several people welcomed us into their homes, in different parts of the country, and each of them we felt a bit like in our house.
The highlight of our private visit was Cabo Polonio (and vicinity). It is a protected area, a concentration of dunes, walking along the beach from markers is incredible, and get to the lighthouse is encouraging to see the sea lions near the lighthouse. A shame that the Navy has repobldo the area, without giving any "second thought" and have cut the natural movement of the dunes, believing that they are doomed to extinction.
On the other, Punta del Este is more like Miami but with Argentinos (! Is that they are everywhere!), Colonia del Sacramento is a charming colonial city, and reminds us that he lived Montevideo better times, with its decadent beauty (and the longest carnival in the world).
PS: The winner of the first contest "hastalatinoamericaymasalla ...." has been ......
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