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Today we step 3 countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Cross Paraguay, and a physical journey (6 hours, 3 more than the schedule, Rompeculos seat and all kinds of bugs living in them) has been a journey in time (the bus was modern in the '50s, sales were approaching to stop selling everything - socks, shirts, food, drink .. - and poverty was evident at the roadside).
For our restlessness Argentina reached the border late in the afternoon. And Guest planted our base camp. The chill-out hostel so there was no custom of closing the doors or windows, so that mosquitoes blood rituals practiced with us without problems. What a night!!
The next morning we visited the Jesuit missions in the area. The mission of Santa Ana, which is much less touristy, the guides are turning to the few visitors with extensive explanations and details about Jesuit life and native Guarani.
At night we attended the spectacle of "Lights and Sounds" in San Ignacio. It was somewhat surprising because we did not expect such a display of different means. The general view is that of charm.
The next day we went to Leandro N. Alem, home of a doctor Basque Eneko, and her partner, Mamen, and were shown their self-management project, in addition to its support for the community and school health. It was just a day, but intense and exploited, where we learned a lot from them and a couple (based in guipizkoa) than with their 2 children, aged 8 and 10, are touring the world (OTI and PETER AUPA !!!).
the solution to the riddle of the previous entry, in the near future! thanks for participating.


Iguazu Falls

Our next destination was Foz de Iguazu. Alli Gauinara Scouts welcomed us. As we had contact Kiko and Ricardo, friendly as could be.
From them we learned that the 400,000 residents of Foz lead a peaceful life despite the squabbles between drug gangs and the Argentine and Paraguayan border controls. And that the existence of the free port of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay city where you can buy all sorts of products obvious discomfort as taxes) makes living here more than fun.
For here too there are "falls" or "jumps" of water to the already known, congratulations, for which not only say it is something indescribable in words, pictures or videos. You have to see and enjoy all the water for Flip. There are 2 parks, Brazil and Argentina, each with its spectacular corners.
On the Argentinean side asked by Fabian, the ranger friend of the fruit of the previous entry. After asking several people, finally came. Commenting on our encounter with the fruit, there we arranged some tickets priced "friend" and with them we enter the park (not before having a scare by being too nice).
Game: discover which of these prices we pay!! accepting bets in the comments .. the solution in the next inning and was dealt a surprise among the winners !!!!!

From iguzu precios


Last week we discovered a city that neither appears nor appear in turistic prospectus We suffered a tremendous shock the moment they arrive: the usual temperature instead betrayed us as tourists for wearing shorts but no umbrella They say it rains constantly and the city itself is not attractive, but the legacy of the high rate of German immigration in the past are the factories, the low unemployment and the perfect organization of the transport system.
Here in Curitiba we had our first experience 'surfcouching'. We were the excuse for the university that hosted us to organize a party (without barbecue because of the rain ... this until reminded Galicia). We had a chance to eat at the oldest university in the country, making us go through 'teachers' , for 1.30 reals (60centimos euro) in light of european prices. Igor turned 1 old aspiration and prepare an omelet with  potato chips, with which Montse and Belen was pleasantly surprised, although it was the Brazilians who finished with the 3 omelettes, sucking their fingers.
They were our new friends that we recommend Camboriu.There are some beaches, we went without accommodation in advance, although it found us accommodation in the form of contacts with a motorist apartment 5 minutes from the central beach.
At first glance, this seems to Benidorm, full of tourists from Argentina, but after a good walk find nice and quiet beaches, although there is no shade, there will always be some stall with umbrella.
That evening in the super struck up conversation with a shelf, who gave us the name of-friend who worked at Park Falls, so that when we were there we can say hello him.



Practical Dictionary of the lessons learned during these 3 weeks.
"Potunhol" and Galician is not enough.

Soon = It will happen between the next 12 to 24 hours.

Timetable = theory of relativity

Bus stop = may or may not passing buses. May or may not stop.

Timeliness = something that everyone has heard but no one has seen

Visitors Center = information here???

Information Center Workers = those who ask others when asked. They are reported with your questions.

Corroborate information =to  ask several times and / or multiple sources without receiving the same answer. It is right and necessary.

Safe driving = what??? when???

Taxi fare = Turkish bazaar

Cry of a child  = European eccentricity (for here is very rare to hear one)

 Temperature = warm = 25 to 30 degrees

"Gift" peddler = and then pay me now

Hips = partly independent of body movement and always keeps pace. Unknown to Europeans hip plaster.

Play tricks = something innate in Latin countries to avoid paying a service (say this because we had practiced earlier in espanha).