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Salvador - Rio - mas alla

We have uploaded photos of both the Carnival of Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. We have many photos of the carnival itself because there are custom that, among so many, you are "registered" from carving up the brand of underwear. We like the warmth but not so much. Especially if there is a possibility that you end up with no belongings.
After a week in Salvador, finally ended up in Rio (and 5 hours of waiting in 1 called airport). If you fly to Rio we advise you to fly at the window to see the city from the plane.
Rio surprises us by how different it is from Salvador: great city, many white people, more tourists, feeling of increased purchasing power (at least where we went). And curiously not stopped us every 3 minutes to ask, or sell something. have something to do with the Olympic Games in 2016?.
From Ipanema beach we stayed with the sunset and surfers, from Copacabana beach and the typical Flamingo postcards with great atmosphere. The Christ of Corcovado with breathtaking views of the city, but so many people that it was mission impossible for a photo opportunity "alone with Christ" but finally we managed to take 1 photo where we are recognized. The Sugar Loaf is a view from the other side of town with fewer tourists, and even rest in Pequenho forests have on top.
But the highlight of our stay was on Saturday night. Thanks to 1 apt observation of 1 driver, found that Carnival had not been completed yet (a week later). We paid 20 euros for the cheapest ticket to Sambodromo. It is highly recommended, because in the latter see the carnival parade of the 6 best dance schools. For an hour and a half still sounds the same song as long as each school has to move through the Sambodromo (street about 800 yards short and bleachers on both sides).
Second recommendation: bring cooler to endure 9 hours of spectacle, to us, we got the stupidity of bringing beer and ice trapped buy everything in 1 bag ... which liamos!! do not count the end of the story.
We escaped to Rio soon going to Itatiaia National Park, the oldest and worst organized. Here is the montanha over Brazil ... or Rio, who knows - They do not, of course. Thanks to the kindness of taxi driver took us to the top of the park by a winding road almost impassable, to the base of the montanha. was worth it !!!!!
Here we learned that you should not see anything in the second fair, ie Monday. Yet we saw a waterfall and lake. After you find that in the third exhibition (Tuesday) either.
For the moment nothing else, well yes, one last recommendation, if you come here and burn the sun, remember to specify (or check) to buy "after sun" as it is for white fur or pink tone will be artificial with that just do not feel happy ..... "This told us about a friend" ... ahem, ahem ..

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