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Practical Dictionary of the lessons learned during these 3 weeks.
"Potunhol" and Galician is not enough.

Soon = It will happen between the next 12 to 24 hours.

Timetable = theory of relativity

Bus stop = may or may not passing buses. May or may not stop.

Timeliness = something that everyone has heard but no one has seen

Visitors Center = information here???

Information Center Workers = those who ask others when asked. They are reported with your questions.

Corroborate information =to  ask several times and / or multiple sources without receiving the same answer. It is right and necessary.

Safe driving = what??? when???

Taxi fare = Turkish bazaar

Cry of a child  = European eccentricity (for here is very rare to hear one)

 Temperature = warm = 25 to 30 degrees

"Gift" peddler = and then pay me now

Hips = partly independent of body movement and always keeps pace. Unknown to Europeans hip plaster.

Play tricks = something innate in Latin countries to avoid paying a service (say this because we had practiced earlier in espanha).

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  1. Friend, you should visit my country. It will add some vocab to your dictionary, even some is similar. Btw, I really like the meaning of "Timetable".