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Today we step 3 countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. Cross Paraguay, and a physical journey (6 hours, 3 more than the schedule, Rompeculos seat and all kinds of bugs living in them) has been a journey in time (the bus was modern in the '50s, sales were approaching to stop selling everything - socks, shirts, food, drink .. - and poverty was evident at the roadside).
For our restlessness Argentina reached the border late in the afternoon. And Guest planted our base camp. The chill-out hostel so there was no custom of closing the doors or windows, so that mosquitoes blood rituals practiced with us without problems. What a night!!
The next morning we visited the Jesuit missions in the area. The mission of Santa Ana, which is much less touristy, the guides are turning to the few visitors with extensive explanations and details about Jesuit life and native Guarani.
At night we attended the spectacle of "Lights and Sounds" in San Ignacio. It was somewhat surprising because we did not expect such a display of different means. The general view is that of charm.
The next day we went to Leandro N. Alem, home of a doctor Basque Eneko, and her partner, Mamen, and were shown their self-management project, in addition to its support for the community and school health. It was just a day, but intense and exploited, where we learned a lot from them and a couple (based in guipizkoa) than with their 2 children, aged 8 and 10, are touring the world (OTI and PETER AUPA !!!).
the solution to the riddle of the previous entry, in the near future! thanks for participating.


  1. What a day! 6 hours in retro bus and ended-up with mosquitoes at night. Feel tried yet?

  2. Just a quick note, DAA went live at the beginning of the month. Enjoy the travels.

  3. Compared with "your" waterfalls, the ones I saw on my trip so far, seem dripping taps :(
    Anyway, we must appreciate also little things, jajaja :)
    I wish you good luck for the rest of your trip!