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Iguazu Falls

Our next destination was Foz de Iguazu. Alli Gauinara Scouts welcomed us. As we had contact Kiko and Ricardo, friendly as could be.
From them we learned that the 400,000 residents of Foz lead a peaceful life despite the squabbles between drug gangs and the Argentine and Paraguayan border controls. And that the existence of the free port of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay city where you can buy all sorts of products obvious discomfort as taxes) makes living here more than fun.
For here too there are "falls" or "jumps" of water to the already known, congratulations, for which not only say it is something indescribable in words, pictures or videos. You have to see and enjoy all the water for Flip. There are 2 parks, Brazil and Argentina, each with its spectacular corners.
On the Argentinean side asked by Fabian, the ranger friend of the fruit of the previous entry. After asking several people, finally came. Commenting on our encounter with the fruit, there we arranged some tickets priced "friend" and with them we enter the park (not before having a scare by being too nice).
Game: discover which of these prices we pay!! accepting bets in the comments .. the solution in the next inning and was dealt a surprise among the winners !!!!!

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