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Last week we discovered a city that neither appears nor appear in turistic prospectus We suffered a tremendous shock the moment they arrive: the usual temperature instead betrayed us as tourists for wearing shorts but no umbrella They say it rains constantly and the city itself is not attractive, but the legacy of the high rate of German immigration in the past are the factories, the low unemployment and the perfect organization of the transport system.
Here in Curitiba we had our first experience 'surfcouching'. We were the excuse for the university that hosted us to organize a party (without barbecue because of the rain ... this until reminded Galicia). We had a chance to eat at the oldest university in the country, making us go through 'teachers' , for 1.30 reals (60centimos euro) in light of european prices. Igor turned 1 old aspiration and prepare an omelet with  potato chips, with which Montse and Belen was pleasantly surprised, although it was the Brazilians who finished with the 3 omelettes, sucking their fingers.
They were our new friends that we recommend Camboriu.There are some beaches, we went without accommodation in advance, although it found us accommodation in the form of contacts with a motorist apartment 5 minutes from the central beach.
At first glance, this seems to Benidorm, full of tourists from Argentina, but after a good walk find nice and quiet beaches, although there is no shade, there will always be some stall with umbrella.
That evening in the super struck up conversation with a shelf, who gave us the name of-friend who worked at Park Falls, so that when we were there we can say hello him.

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